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Short term rentals can be required for a number of reasons.

  • Trial periods to test the commercial viability of a gym.
  • Interim cover while new equipment is on order.
  • Annual Budgets or restrictions signing long term agreements.
  • Events and Films

Whatever the requirement we have the right equipment solution for you.


  • A short term rental is classed as a period of between 3 and 18 months.
  • The shortest rental period available is 3 months.
  • Rental periods of any duration are available.
  • Equipment delivery & collection costs must be paid in advance.

What happens at the end of the rental period?

At the end of the rental period you have three options:

    • Return the equipment.
    • Extend the rental on a month by month basis.
    • Enter into a standard long term agreement.

What about paperwork?
The rental process is very simple with just three documents to sign:

    • Rental agreement document.
    • Direct debit mandate.
    • Guaranteed access agreement.

Delivery and installation costs can be split over the term of the rental to assist cash flow.

Can I convert to a long term agreement?
If during the rental period you find that the trial has been successful, the agreement can be converted into a long term agreement.

In this instance, you would sign a new agreement and the monthly rental costs would reduce accordingly.

Anything over 2 years is considered a long term rental.

What costs will I incur?
Short term costs are slightly higher than long term agreements to cover the expense of returning the equipment to its original condition.

Major damage is not covered in the rental, i.e. cracked plastics or misuse.

If repairs of this nature are required, then these would have to be paid for separately at the end of the agreement.

It is very rare that this happens but unfortunately, it is something we have to cover for.

  • The cost of collecting the equipment is payable once the agreement has been terminated.
  • There is a £95+ VAT rental documentation fee to pay with the initial rental invoice.
  • One month’s rental in advance is required to confirm the order.
  • As with any lease or rental agreement, all payments are collected monthly by direct debit.