Tips for Gym Owners

We know running a gym is hard so to make it a little easier we have created this tips for gym owners page.

We’ll be updating it regularly so why not try one a week.

  1. Variety: Offer a variety of classes to give your members more choice and the opportunity to improve all aspects of their fitness.
  2. Enthusiasm:  Only use trainers who care about what they are doing and are enthusiastic. The louder the better!
  3. Offer Incentives: If a member brings a friend, don’t just offer a free class. What’s a new member worth? Offer a FREE month’s membership as an incentive.
  4. Form partnerships: What businesses are close by? Health shops, tanning salons, etc. Promote each other with leaflets.
  5. Corporate Memberships: How many big businesses are near you? Offer discounted rates for their employees.
  6. ASK! What do your members ask for? What don’t they like? What’s their opinion on …. They are your fans, listen to them.
  7. Keep it clean! Dirty floors, mirrors or sweaty equipment is a turn-off. Especially for ladies. Wipe, mop and vacuum.
  8. Keep them informed: This is an easy one. Around 80% of your members will use Facebook. Update your page with your classes.
  9. Encouragement: Don’t over do it though. But if you see someone improving tell them. It will encourage more referrals.
  10. Charity events: Great for publicity and building morale. Sponsored spin bike marathons, etc. Contact local newspapers.
  11. Run competitions: Ask members to log their workouts or split into teams. Post results on social media and include photos.
  12. FREE taster one-to one sessions: Try before you buy. Offer to large businesses close by.
  13. Ask for reviews: Especially on Google my Business. Your potential members are close by and this could sway them. It’s FREE.
  14. Nutrition: If you are qualified in nutrition then offer eating plans. New members probably don’t know much about diet and need help.
  15. Get their details: Especially walk-ins. Chat with them after the session or call them next day. What did they think?
  16. Organise social events: To boost morale. Make sure friends and partners are invited to. They’ll talk about it with friends.
  17. Leavers: If a member leaves, ask them to complete a short form and ask why they left. Ask what would make them come back. Learn!
  18. Provide fitness tips: Use your Facebook page or website. This is a great way to keep people engaged and loyal.